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Titan Craft

Envision the Titan Craft Main Hub as the vibrant core of our digital world. It stands as a dynamic confluence of our unique servers, each offering a distinct adventure. Imagine a central plaza, alive with the spirit of exploration and camaraderie, leading to realms such as the immersive Pixelmon Titans, the strategic Towny Supreme, and the engaging Hide & Seek. This hub isn't just a crossroads; it's a canvas of creativity, a gathering place for players to connect, embark on exciting quests, and engage in trade.

Step into the Titan Craft Hub, where each portal opens to a universe of extraordinary gaming experiences, pulsating with the energy of limitless adventures.

Titan Battle

Dive into the Thrilling World of Titan Battle – Where Every Fight Shapes Your Destiny! Unleash your strategic prowess in ReBattle, a realm where every clash is more than just a battle—it's a step towards glory! Engage in intense Player vs Player (PVP) encounters or outsmart the cunning AI bots. Emergence as a victor is not just about brawn; it's about brains, strategy, and the will to conquer.

Forge Your Legacy: Craft your path to triumph with the ability to create and enhance your arsenal. From mystical weapons to impenetrable armor, every item you craft is a testament to your skill and ingenuity. Market Mastery: Show off your savvy side with a dynamic marketplace. Buy low, sell high, and become the economic powerhouse of ReBattle. Every trade, a stroke of genius, every sale, a step towards domination.

Bank Your Glory: Stash your hard-earned treasures and precious items in your private vault. It's not just a bank; it's your personal stronghold in a world where every asset counts. Be the Avatar of Power: Choose from 10 unique avatars, each a canvas for your ambition. Over 200 items ensure that your character is not just a fighter but a style icon in the battleground. ReBattle Awaits: Are you ready to carve your name in the annals of Titan Battle history? Will you be the tactician that players fear and respect? The stage is set, the crowd is roaring – your destiny awaits in ReBattle.

Titan Travian

"Titan Travian" is a browser-based game set in an ancient world. It's free-to-play and doesn't require any downloads. In this game, you start as the chief of a small village and embark on a quest to build your empire. The gameplay involves building villages, waging wars, and establishing trade routes. A key feature is the multiplayer aspect, where you play with and against thousands of real players, aiming to conquer the world of Travian. This game offers an engaging mix of strategy and interaction with other players.

Titan Mu

A long time has passed since the thousand-year Empire of MU lost or had total control over the Continent. As the power of the central government of MU continues to dissolve, the feudal lords will become redirected and coupled with an internal government over or control of MU, destroying the foundations of their society. As time, the feuds and the bloody civil wars will destroy the beautiful land of MU, and also during this time, between the blood and the features associated with these conflicts, between the obsessive ambitions of two men and women who would be more than men , it would look like a dark shadow and a black shadow, falling on everything or MU.