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Algerian Patience

0 37 Plays
Algerian or Algerian Patience is a difficult Solitaire game. Move all the cards to the 8 foundations: 4 down…

Mouse and Cheese

0 42 Plays
Guide the mouse to the cheese. Move objects and create a path to the cheese.

Black Hole Solitaire

0 45 Plays
Move all the cards away to the black hole in this solitaire game. You can move cards to the…

Daily ZNumbers

0 32 Plays
The classic zNumbers puzzle game. Move every box with a number on it only once. The box may only…

Kids Mahjong

0 37 Plays
Enjoy a simple and fun game of Mahjong for Kids. Combine two of the same free tiles to remove…

Mahjong Battle

0 29 Plays
A Mahjong game for two players. Combine two of the same free tiles and get the highest score. Free…

Egg Age

0 35 Plays
Connect three or more of the same eggs. Connect as many Eggs as indicated on the left.

Trick Ball

0 44 Plays
Remove all balls from the table by colliding the same balls.

Planet Solitaire

0 33 Plays
Planet solitaire is the most difficult Pyramid Solitaire game. Combine two cards to a total value of thirteen (13)…


0 26 Plays
Slide the tiles and solve the puzzle. Let two of the same tiles collide to remove the tiles. Remove…

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