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Hidden Spots – Indonesia

0 28 Plays
Find all the hidden spots on the images from Indonesia. Click on the image where you have spotted a…

Jolly Jong Butterfly

0 26 Plays
Fun Mahjong solitaire game with butterflies. Find 2 of the same butterfly tiles to remove the 2 tiles.

Emoji Match

0 35 Plays
Collect the big Emoji by matching emojis. Swap two neighbouring emojis to get three or more of the same…

Farm Girl

0 36 Plays
Help the Farm Girl in this Match 3 Game. Swap two items to match three or more in a…

Beijing Hidden Objects

0 25 Plays
Find all the hidden objects in Beijing. Click on the objects. You can zoom in. Use the light bulb…

Mahjong Gardens 2

0 22 Plays
Remove all tiles from the garden and release the birds. Combine two of the same tiles.

Hex Stream

0 27 Plays
Flow Free Hex puzzles in different sizes. Connect the same colored hexes with a flow. Pair all and use…

Tower Solitaire

0 29 Plays
Remove all cards from the Tower. You can remove cards from it when the card is 1 higher or…

Squirrel Bubble Shooter

0 67 Plays
Help the Squirrel to collect the Acorns. Shoot up bubbles and match three or more of the same. Collect…

Illustrations 2

0 40 Plays
Find all the differences on the Illustrations (2). Click on a difference.

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