Moto Bike Extra

Player 1:Drive: "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD"Nitro-Shift: "N"Camera View: "C"Handbrake : "Space bar"Player 2:Drive: "WASD"Nitro-Shift: "T"Camera View: "Q"
Moto Bike Extra
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Game Details

Moto Bike Extra

You can have fun by riding a motorcycle in Moto Bike Extra. You can drift on the motorcycle and do acrobatics. Then get ready for Moto Bike Extra, an exciting wild adventure. Moto Bike Extra will test your speed, control, patience, accuracy, precision and of course your driving skills while having a blast. Drive now and enjoy the ride.The game currently offers 17 awesome motorcycles with different Acceleration, Handling and Offroad mechanics.- You can Upgrade and Customize. In this game, there are ‘career’ mode, ‘free ride’ mode, ‘battle arena’ mode, ‘hot chase’ mode and ‘two player’ mode. You can break speed records with Spott motorcycles. You can race with artificial intelligence and try to reach the finish line by avoiding obstacles
Player 1:Drive: “ARROW KEYS” or “WASD”Nitro-Shift: “N”Camera View: “C”Handbrake : “Space bar”Player 2:Drive: “WASD”Nitro-Shift: “T”Camera View: “Q”

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