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0 47 Plays
The board game Ludo against 3 AI opponents. Be the first to get all your tokens to the finish.

Thirty One

0 27 Plays
Play the German card game Thirty One (31). You can only swap cards with the central cards in the…

Letter Train

0 31 Plays
Drop letters on the train to make valid English words. Click on a letter and on a wagon.

Tic Tac Toe

0 27 Plays
Play the classic Tic Tac Toe game in 3 rounds. Be the first to get 3 of your symbols…

Tokio Mahjong

0 22 Plays
Enjoy this Japan style Mahjong Game. Combine two of the same Japan style tiles to remove the pair.

Bumper Car

0 27 Plays
Try to remove all cars by bumping the same cars with each other. Drag a car to remove it.…

Mysterious Pirate Jewels 2

0 24 Plays
Remove all colored backgrounds in this Pirate game with 45 new levels. Connect three or more of the same…

Hidden Library

0 45 Plays
Find all the objects in the Library. You have a limited amount of clicks. To earn more clicks you…

5 Stack Blackjack

0 20 Plays
Try to get 5x Black Jack. Move a card to one of the 5 stacks. Try to get as…

Mahjong 3D Time

0 24 Plays
3D Mahjong game with special time cubes. Remove all cubes in pairs of the same free cubes. Remove the…

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