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Break Tris

0 24 Plays
Break Out and Tetris combined into one game. First complete horizontal lines and in the next stage shoot at…

Flower World

0 22 Plays
Match 3 or more of the same flowers. Swap 2 flower and match 3 or more in a row.…

Bug Connect

0 26 Plays
Terminate all bugs in this Mahjong Connect Game. Connect two of the same bugs to remove the bugs. Connect…


0 30 Plays
Tile-based Rummy game for 2 players. Try to get all your tiles on the board creating groups and runs.

Simon Says

0 34 Plays
Repeat the pattern played by the Computer. Click on the colored buttons in the same order as the computer…

Bugs Kyodai

0 54 Plays
Mahjong Connect game with Bugs. Connect two of the same Bugs. The connecting path cannot change direction more than…

Stolen Art

0 33 Plays
Guess the code and steal the art. Use the hints to guess the code as fast as possible.

Railway Mysteries

0 53 Plays
Find all the hidden objects in this Railway Mystery game. Click to find an object or differences.

Tetris Fun

0 36 Plays
80 levels of Tetris Fun. Remove the shapes by completing lines with the falling tetris shapes.

Two Cell

0 35 Plays
Freecell game with only two Free cells. Try to move all cards to the foundations. On the tableau build…

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